Guide to Shopping at Your Local Farmers Markets

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Find Your Local Farmers Market
The first step in shopping at a farmers market is finding it. Below you'll find quite the list of markets in and around your the Metrowest area.  Farmers markets can be held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your area. Once you find your local farmers market, make sure to check its schedule and plan your visit accordingly.

Bring Your Reusable Bags
One great way to be eco-friendly while shopping at your local farmers market is by bringing your own reusable bags. Most vendors at the farmers market provide only paper or plastic bags, which can affect the environment negatively. Bringing your bags also makes it easier to carry your market haul. Make sure your bags are clean and sturdy enough to hold your purchases.

Talk to the Vendors
Visiting your local farmers market is more than shopping for fresh produce— it’s a community experience. Don’t be afraid to chat with the vendors and ask them about their products; they will be happy to tell you about their process and their products’ quality. Talking to vendors will also help you learn about the harvest season, which can help you make an informed purchase.

Get There Early
Getting to the farmers market early has enormous benefits. You’ll have first dibs on the freshest produce, and you’ll avoid the crowds and long lines. If the farmers’ market is opening early, make sure to get there before it gets too busy. This way, you can take your time, try new products, and enjoy your experience without the stress of crowds.

Shop In-Season Produce
One of the best things about shopping at a farmers market is the availability of in-season fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that local farmers sell freshly picked produce, meaning it will only be available during its natural harvest season. Shopping for in-season produce is also cost-efficient because the supply is abundant, making it a better deal for you and the farmers.

Now that you have the ultimate guide for shopping at your local farmers market, are you ready to start exploring? Not only will you be getting the freshest, in-season produce, but you’ll also be supporting your local farmers and businesses. By following our tips, you’ll have an eco-friendly and community-bonding experience. So head out to your local farmers market, shop sustainably, and connect with your community today!


Acton-Boxborough Farmers Market 
Elm Street Playground, Acton
June 18th - October 15th; Sundays, 10am - 1pm  

Ashland Farmers Market
125 Front Street, Ashland
June 10th through October 14th; Saturdays, 9am - 1pm

Boston-Area Farmers Markets  
List of 16 Farmers markets now open or opening soon in Boston and surrounding areas.

Brookline Farmers Market
Coolidge Corner at the Centre Street West Parking Lot - 32 Centre Street, Brookline
June 1st  through November 16th; Thursdays 1:30pm - 6:30pm

Framingham Farmers Market
Village Hall parking lot and Framingham Centre Common on Edgell Road
June 22nd - September 28th, Thursday afternoons 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Framingham - Eastleigh Farmer's Market
1062 Edmands Road, Framingham 
May 28th  through October 29th; Sundays, 11am - 4pm

Franklin Farmers Market
Union Street and High Street, Franklin
June 2nd through October 27th; Fridays, 2pm - 6pm 

Grafton Farmers Market 
Grafton Common
Patrons may use the Municipal Center parking lot:   30 Providence Road, Grafton
Opening June 14th through October 4th; Wednesdays, 2pm - 6pm
Facebook page 

Holliston Farmers Market
Blair Square on the Upper Charles Trail (at the Corner of Central/Railroad St)
June through October; Sundays, 9:30am-1pm
The information provided was from 2022. Please note that the 2023 Farmers Market has not yet been confirmed at the time of publication. We recommend checking with the town authorities to ensure that the farmers market is open before planning your visit in 2023.

Hopkinton Farmers Market
The Hopkinton Common, across the street from 11 Ash Street, Hopkinton
June 11th through October 15th; Sundays, 1pm - 5pm 

Hudson Farmers Market
Hudson Town Hall, 78 Main Street, Hudson
June 20th through September 26th; Tuesdays, 3:30pm - 6:30 pm 

Lexington Farmers Marke
90 Worthen Road (Practice Field) next to Lexington High School Field House
May 30th through October 31st; Tuesdays, 2pm - 6:30 pm 

Marlborough Farmers Market
Weed Street, Marlborough; June 17th through October 7th; Saturdays, 9am - 1pm

Maynard Farmers Market 
Mill Pond Parking Lot,  Main Street, Maynard
June 24th through Sept 30th; Saturdays; 9am - 1pm

Medway Farmers Market
Choate Park -  7 Oak Street, Medway
Opening June 22nd through October 5th; Thursdays, 4pm - 7pm

Natick Farmers Market
Natick Common, Intersection of Rt 27 & Rt 135
Starting May 20th the Market will be OUTDOORS (a year-round event); Saturdays, 9am - 1pm  

Needham Farmers Market
Located on Greene’s Field  … corner of Great Plain Ave and Pickering St., Needham
June 11th through November 19th; Sundays, 11am - 3pm  

Norfolk Farmers Market
Norfolk Town Common - 139 Main Street, Norfolk
June 7th through October 11th; Wednesdays, 3pm - 7pm  

Shrewsbury Farmers Market   
Senior Center parking lot - 98 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury
June 14th through September 20th; Wednesdays, 2:30pm - 6:30 pm,
The information provided was from 2022. Please note that the 2023 Farmers Market has not yet been announced at the time of publication. We recommend checking their Facebook page to ensure that the farmers market is open before planning your visit in 2023.

Waltham Farmers Market
243 Moody Street , Waltham - Embassy Parking Lot
June 3rd through October 28th; Saturdays, 9:30am - 2:00pm

Wayland Summer Farmers Market
397 Boston Post Road, Wayland… Russell’s Garden Center
June 28th through October 11th; Wednesdays, 12pm - 4pm

Westborough Farmers Market
117 East Main Street, Westborough
June 15th through October 12th; Thursdays, 2pm - 6pm

Westford Farmers Market
On the field next to The Roudenbush Community Center - 65 Main Street, Westford
June 20th through August 22nd; Tuesdays, 2:30pm - 6:30pm  (no Market on July 4th)

Worcester REC Farmers Market  - Starting June 23rd
Beaver Brook Park  306 Chandler Street, Worcester
Mondays and Fridays,  9am-12 pm  (closed on Mondays: 7/3, 9/4 and 10/9)

University Park  965 Main Street, Worcester
Saturdays, 9am - 12pm

Mobile Market Schedule - Starting June 13th 
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays - detailed info on times and places on website link above

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