Getting Directions

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Real Estate

I’m someone who likes to know where I’m going ahead of time, and like having the corresponding directions to get there. I’ve pretty much always been that way, and  have finally embraced that about  myself (while my family and friends tolerate that about me!).  I remember having those big yellow Arrow map books in my car, long before GPS and Waze were a thing.  I loved those!

So many people have asked me lately what direction I think the market is heading.  There’s a lot of talk in the news about the future and direction of the real estate market.  Is the “bubble” over?  Are we headed into a recession?  What direction are interest rates headed?  Will prices stabilize, keep trending up or go down?

In full honesty, I can’t answer any of these questions with absolute certainty, as none of us have a crystal ball to accurately predict the future (which might be nice at times).  

 What I can assure all my clients is that I strive to stay informed and on top of market trends and shifts, interest rate fluctuations, and economic projections.  I also familiarize myself with the inventory in the market areas I cover, and not simply by scrolling through listings online.  Actually visiting  a property, and seeing its setting and the surrounding area, provides me with valuable information to accurately assess its value.

 So, if you or anyone you know needs directions to navigate the road map for the upcoming real estate market, give me a call.

 Wishing you a Happy New Year & Good Health  in 2019.

 ~ Kathy